Chalk The Block

El Paso, TX. ART Magazine. El Paso celebrates every year a great festival that highlights the talent of many artists in town: Chalk the Block. This event takes every corner of downtown and transforms it into a chalkboard, gallery, or even a playground for kids. Every single spot in downtown

Chinati Weekend at Marfa

Chinati Weekend at Marfa is an extraordinary experience that can’t be dismissed. People around the world travel miles away for this weekend because it is a great opportunity to interact and admire great art pieces by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, John Chamberlain, Carl Andre, Barnett Newman, and others. Marfa can

Encaja_2: Barcelona’s public art

Art Magazine. El Paso, Texas. By: Sabina Loghin Photos: Joan Tomas, Sabina Loghin Barcelona is a gallery city. Walking through any of it’s streets, even the less crowded, you can find murals or some kind of artistic expressions exposed to the public. This is the case of “Encaja_2”, a photographic

First Solo Show: Emmy Winner Journalist and Visual Artist Ricardo Vela

Art Magazine. El Paso, Texas. LoftLight Studio, is proud to announce the first solo exhibit of News Anchor and Visual artist Ricardo Vela. Vela moved back to El Paso about two years ago to become the main news anchor for Telemundo El Paso, however there’s a side of Vela that

The 3 Legged Monkey Art Show

EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. By: Ivan Vaquera The 3 Legged Monkey, located at 1550 Hawkins Blvd #2, played host this Saturday, June 30 to an ongoing monthly art show that showcases local talent in the El Paso area. The event allowed support to local artists, allowing them to display


EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. Por: Julieta A. Saucedo La muestra “El ojo Inquisitivo”, que se encuentra actualmente en el Museo de Arte de El Paso, acumula la obra de aquellos artistas cuya produccion ha sido representativa para el área fronteriza de El Paso-Ciudad Juárez-Las Cruces desde 1960 a la


BEKA BUTTS at Loft Light Studio

EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. By: Julieta A. Saucedo Beka Butts is an illustrator and visual artist originally from El Paso who now lives in North Carolina. Beka studied art at Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) .Last week we had the opportunity to appreciate

Artist on Art

EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. By: Melissa Rivera Image: Courtesy of El Paso Museum Of Art Robert E. Lingle is one out of six painters that will be featured this year at the El Paso Museum of Art for Artist on Art, a program which highlights the work of local

EL ARTISTA Héctor “Reez” Ruiz / THE ARTIST Héctor “Reez” Ruiz

EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. Por: Mario Holguin Imagenes: Cortesía del Artista “Nací y crecí  en Ciudad Juárez, soy totalmente influenciado por su  entorno, gente, colores, música y humor. Mi trabajo es el conjunto de todo esto” Reez Hector Reez Ruiz es un pintor, ilustrador y músico que nació y


EL Paso, Texas. ART Magazine. By: E.M. Mauvais It’s dark, eerie music in the background, and out of a fog-filled room appear dark figures. this could sound like something out of a horror movie but in actuality this is the site for “ARKHAM presents DARK SHADOWS a Vampire Ball”. Arkham is